About me 

I have been and still am a person very attracted to every form of art and it is perhaps my strong creativity combined with a good manual ability and that sense of freedom in expressing oneself, which already brings me as a child to approach drawing and painting.

However, as we grow and face real life, we are forced to follow other paths that are very different from those of our own desires, but despite this, my passion that I continued to cultivate remained strong, as if everything could change in the near future and could be useful to me again.

Almost unexpectedly, even when hope had vanished, all this happens, finding application in a very specific sector

.... " The world of Hairdressers ",

where this innate gift is soon caught and understood by beauty professionals who accept the challenge of to train in a short time and get into in the hair styling and fashion industry.

I begin to attend the professional courses of ghd Italia, a leading company in the hair industry in Italy for hot styling tools and to study styling techniques and hair dressing, which will soon lead me to become a real professional trainer for the same company, moving all over Italy to teach in professional courses for hair stylists.

Finding satisfaction in what I do, but above all in the people of my aesthetic and artistic sensibility, makes me strong and makes me continue my personal training by attending other specialization courses both in the world of hairstyles and in acquiring new techniques in coloring.

The possibility of moving often for work leads me to constantly meet new people in the sector, learning their personal knowledge and increasing my knowledge and in this world.

Thanks to various agencies I begin to follow the hair styling for fashion shoots, advertising, events and fashion shows such as Milan Fashion Week and to participate in important industry shows such as Cosmoproof, On Hair Show and Fashion Night Kemon.


To this day, the talent and my skills of my hands are an art that I make visible, satisfying every kind of request, from the most demanding, to the most simple and delicate, dedicating to them all my time and my professionalism.

In this moment of my life, I am part of the Artistic Team of CLOUD NINE Europe and I collaborate in the Hair Stylist professional training for Framesi Spa.

Venice always remains my base, the my house, where I continue to work both for private photo shoots, both with luxury hotels and the most important wedding planners for weddings and events.


"Super consigliato! 

La prima prova da un altro parrucchiere non era andata benissimo e io ero demoralizzata perché non sapevo più a chi rivolgermi. Per fortuna ho avuto il numero di Luigi da conoscenti. È riuscito subito a capire lo stile che volevo ottenere dalla mia acconciatura. Super disponibile e professionale è riuscito a tranquillizarmi e al matrimonio l’acconciatura era perfetta anche dopo ore di balli scatenati"


Giorgia Costantini - Bride

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