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 Hi, my name is Luigi!


Venice is for me the city where I was born, lived and which  still transmits to me that spirit and that artistic energy that is  reflected in my work and in my daily life.


 Always attracted by everything that gives expression of  freedom and creativity ,  let's say a bit like my image ...

 I approach my current profession for simple friendships.

Consequently , they lead me to know and enter this world that from then on I would never have left.

 I do what makes me happy and which at the same time is also my job, taking my work as a  hairstylist  and  makeup artist around  Italy .


 Traveling often for work gives me the opportunity to meet people and increase my knowledge, leading me to work for important brands in the backstage of photo shoots, advertising or major events and shows in the fashion world .

 At this point in the reading, you just have to contact me at least for more information on

what you actually have the mind to do

 .. I'm at your disposal!!

Roberta Marchiori


 Roberta is the  Make-up Artist  with whom I collaborate most often and who is an essential part in the realization of most of the works you see published.

 Italian , she also lives in  Venice but finds herself working very often in  Milan,  a city that has allowed her to grow professionally and to meet many influential personalities in her field.

 She worked in the backstage of  Milan Fashion Week , for television programs such as  "Tacco 12" on La7  with Alessandra Moschillo and Moreno Pisto ,

and  "Ciao Bellezza" on Rete4  directed by Diego Dalla Palma.

 Roberta has also worked for leading art teams of world famous hair product brands such as  Ghd and Kemon 


 He currently collaborates also in photographic services for seasonal presentations and e-commerce services, with fashion brands such as Replay Jeans , Golden Point ,

United Color of Benetton , Met Jeans , Manila Grace .


  If you want to know more, visit his website


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